Call for Topics 2019 - Private Sector

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Submission Number Submission Issue Areas
Submission Number Submission Issue Areas
2019 Submission 8 The advantages machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, will to technology tools AI
2019 Submission 9 Internet of Things IoT
2019 Submission 12 Technology and election policies Campaigns and Elections
2019 Submission 13 Protecting Consumers Against Phone Phising Data Privacy Cybersecurity TechLash
2019 Submission 15 Internet Crawling
2019 Submission 19 1. Merits and risks of consumer-driven privacy models.

2. Election infrastructure and security.

3. Info/ed session: device security/privacy
Cybersecurity Campaigns and Elections Data Privacy
2019 Submission 31 Attribution and incontrovertible digital identity Cybersecurity Fake News TechLash
2019 Submission 35 Women in ICT. Gender
2019 Submission 37 1. AI in Human 2. How to connect Rural with Global via E-Governance AI
2019 Submission 39 Digital Cooperation - implications for future of IG engagement IG
2019 Submission 40 Disinformation, misinformation, fake information and its affect on trust in the online world - personal and economic life Fake News Trust Content Policy TechLash
2019 Submission 53 The Next Generation Internet: Investigating Community Networks as a Socio-Legal, Technical System and as a Public Trust Access
2019 Submission 58 Aligning with the UN and other bodies to agree upon a standard definition for digital literacy. See additional context below. Digital Inclusion
2019 Submission 59 Cross-border taxes on digital content and online advertising revenue Taxation
2019 Submission 60 Using antitrust laws to punish online platforms for political expression Competition Freedom of Expression
2019 Submission 61 Free Speech Or Hate Speech: Should Online Due Diligence Change? Freedom of Expression Content Policy TechLash
2019 Submission 62 The UNHLP on Digital Cooperation is due to issue its report in May 2019. Should this impact US internet governance long-term strategies? IG
2019 Submission 63 Artificial Intelligence & The Role of Government Regulation AI
2019 Submission 64 Application of antitrust law to online platforms Competition Regulation
2019 Submission 65 Trends in Regulatory Approaches to ‘Over-the-Top’ Services – Should Telecom Laws be Applied to Network Edge Services? OTT Regulation
2019 Submission 66 Status of efforts to create a US federal privacy framework Data Privacy
2019 Submission 67 Weighing Security & Privacy Issues In Debate on DNS over HTTPS Cybersecurity Data Privacy DNS
2019 Submission 68 What has the Internet community learned from a year+ without open WHOIS? What other avenues should be explored? DNS Trust
2019 Submission 69 Internet Accessibility Digital Inclusion
2019 Submission 70 Usage of Internet as an International Development Tool Access
2019 Submission 73 Platform liability for user content Content Policy Platform Liability