Call for Topics 2019 - IG

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Submission Number Submission Issue Areas
Submission Number Submission Issue Areas
2019 Submission 3 Internet of Things - Where is it at policy-wise and what is needed for industries to confidently develop the technology IG
2019 Submission 7 The 50th anniversary of the first message sent on ARPAnet and using the past to understand the future. IG
2019 Submission 23 Nermundial review IG
2019 Submission 24 Building global Trust in the Multistakeholder process by exemplary balance. IG
2019 Submission 30 Information Technology governance IG
2019 Submission 39 Digital Cooperation - implications for future of IG engagement IG
2019 Submission 41 Is the Current Governance System of the Internet a Viable and Sustainable Model for Other Institutions? IG
2019 Submission 46 Internet of Things Governance IG
2019 Submission 50 1 IoT security

2 Importance of collaboration for rural & remote access 3 Unintended consequences of regulation

4 Impacts of consolidation
2019 Submission 54 How can the public (individuals, organizations) force international bodies (UN, ITU, etc.) to allow participation in Internet governance. IG
2019 Submission 62 The UNHLP on Digital Cooperation is due to issue its report in May 2019. Should this impact US internet governance long-term strategies? IG
2019 Submission 72 Limits on national approaches to Internet policy and necessity of multi-level policy coordination and policy processes. IG