Call for Topics 2019 - Fake News

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Submission Number Submission Issue Areas
Submission Number Submission Issue Areas
2019 Submission 5 1) Impact of Culture & Language on Internet UX, architecture, and business opportunities 2) The need and importance of Authenticationf Fake News
2019 Submission 16 Fight with fake and deceptive content especially on social media Fake News
2019 Submission 21 Disinformation/Misinformation and Democracy, National Data Privacy Law Framework, Future of Online News, Broadband and 5G Access/Equality Fake News
2019 Submission 31 Attribution and incontrovertible digital identity Fake News
2019 Submission 40 Disinformation, misinformation, fake information and its affect on trust in the online world - personal and economic life Fake News
2019 Submission 45 Assume you will cover areas of cybersecurity policy, fake news vs. freedom of expression, GDPR vs. U.S. 'data as product' controversies, net Fake News