Call for Topics 2019 - Civil Society / Academia

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Submission Number Submission Issue Areas
Submission Number Submission Issue Areas
2019 Submission 1 AI, blockchain, AR/VR, and more global access were among the emerging technologies mentioned in the Global IGF 2018-Paris video survey. AI Access Blockchain IoT
2019 Submission 2 Network Security Cybersecurity
2019 Submission 3 Internet of Things - Where is it at policy-wise and what is needed for industries to confidently develop the technology IoT IG
2019 Submission 5 1) Impact of Culture & Language on Internet UX, architecture, and business opportunities 2) The need and importance of Authenticationf Cybersecurity Trust Fake News
2019 Submission 6 Current and emerging tech & impact on America's civil society (e.g., IoT, facial recognition, AI, lessons learned from China) IoT AI Data Privacy Surveillance
2019 Submission 7 The 50th anniversary of the first message sent on ARPAnet and using the past to understand the future. IG
2019 Submission 10 Digital Inclusion with a focus on fixed wireless deployments in rural America. Access Digital Inclusion
2019 Submission 11 Minority Small Business integration technologies support focus on startups costs support and exchange as it relates to social Enterprise
2019 Submission 14 Content moderation Content Policy Freedom of Expression TechLash
2019 Submission 18 I would like to propose a session on algorithmic bias, discrimination and human rights. Human Rights AI
2019 Submission 21 Disinformation/Misinformation and Democracy, National Data Privacy Law Framework, Future of Online News, Broadband and 5G Access/Equality Fake News Data Privacy Access 5G TechLash
2019 Submission 23 Nermundial review IG
2019 Submission 24 Building global Trust in the Multistakeholder process by exemplary balance. IG Trust
2019 Submission 25 Unreasonable to have both public and private (Grid, ..) connected on the internet. There should be parallel structures like Intranet. Cybersecurity Critical Infrastructure
2019 Submission 27 Access and safety Access
2019 Submission 28 Platform Responsibilty Content Policy TechLash
2019 Submission 29 Weighing costs/benefits to regulation, privacy, antitrust, section 230 Data Privacy Competition Content Policy Regulation
2019 Submission 30 Information Technology governance IG
2019 Submission 32 Products liability for digital technology IoT
2019 Submission 33 Regulation & self-regulation of social media platforms Content Policy Regulation TechLash
2019 Submission 34 What government actions (e.g., legislation, funding) needed for local mesh networks for better bandwidth Access
2019 Submission 38 Child sexual abuse prevention versus sexual speech. Can we have both freedom of expression and act against child exploitation? Child Protection Freedom of Expression Content Policy
2019 Submission 43 Future of Work Future of Work
2019 Submission 44 Connecting the unconnected, digital inclusion and accessibility, can community networks solve connectivity issues, future of work. Access Future of Work Digital Inclusion
2019 Submission 46 Internet of Things Governance IoT IG Data Privacy Cybersecurity
2019 Submission 47 Broadband availability and adoption - what barriers exist & what policy reforms could encourage more widespread broadband access in the US? Access
2019 Submission 54 How can the public (individuals, organizations) force international bodies (UN, ITU, etc.) to allow participation in Internet governance. IG
2019 Submission 57 Data protection (data privacy), Speech + censorship on/by platforms, risks of border surveillance, U.S. ICCPR review (happening this year) Data Privacy Freedom of Expression Surveillance TechLash
2019 Submission 71 Two areas worth exploring would be international coordination on artificial intelligence and competition policy. AI Competition
2019 Submission 72 Limits on national approaches to Internet policy and necessity of multi-level policy coordination and policy processes. IG
2019 Submission 75 Blockchain for Social Good: Discussion of Best Practice of how technology can impact communities from the ground up Blockchain