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Stakeholder Group: Civil Society / Academia
Connecting Tribal and Indigenous Communities
"Tribal and Indigenous Communities across the US are among the most underserved in terms of Internet access. It is well established that reliable Internet service is a key enabler of economic development, entrepreneurship and SMEs, as well as much needed health and education services. Remote locations typical of Tribal and Indigenous communities present critical challenges in delivering reliable and affordable Internet services. In this session, a panel of experts and members of Tribal and Indigenous communities, will explore key policy challenges, including spectrum allocation, and backhaul availability, as well as recent successful deployments in Tribal and Indigenous communities.


Brandon Makaawaawa, Nation of Hawaii Christopher Michell, Director of the Community Broadband Networks Initiative, ILSR Danae Wilson, Co-Chair, Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, Telecom & Technology "
Issue Areas: Access, Costs and Benefits of Regulation, Digital Inclusion