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{{Submission 2020
{{Submission 2020
|Timestamp=2020/02/11 13:54:04
|Timestamp=2020/02/11 14:04:09
|Email Address=xxxxx@xxxxxx.xxxx
|Email Address=xxxxx@xxxxxx.xxxx
|Name=xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
|Name=xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

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Timestamp: 2020/02/11 14:04:09
Email Address: xxxxx@xxxxxx.xxxx
Name: xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
Stakeholder Group: Private Sector
How should tech improve its relationship with law enforcement?
Law enforcement has once again grown concerned about the widespread use of end-to-end encryption online. Yet, the tech industry holds firm that end-to-end encryption is the only way we can properly secure our online communications and services. As debates on encryption threatens to damage the relationship between law enforcement and tech, what can tech businesses do to help government maintain law and order online?
Issue Areas: Cybersecurity, Human Rights