2019 Submission 63

Timestamp: 2019/02/11 14:10:07
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Stakeholder Group: Private Sector
Artificial Intelligence & The Role of Government Regulation
Machine learning and artificial intelligence/augmented intelligence (AI), powered by streams of data and advanced algorithms, have incredible potential to improve countless consumer and enterprise use cases. For example, in healthcare, AI can prevent hospitalizations, reduce complications, and improve patient engagement. Yet, applications of AI have also given rise to a variety of potential effects and challenges for U.S. policymakers to consider, including notice/consent, bias, inclusion, transparency and digital due process, and law enforcement access to data, among others. As AI innovations continue to be developed and even start to enter today’s regulatory processes, U.S. policymakers at the legislative and regulatory levels are considering whether policy changes are needed. This session should feature diverse viewpoints from across the IGF-USA community to advance the public conversation on the role government oversight should have with respect to AI. •
Issue Areas: AI