2019 Submission 55

Timestamp: 2019/02/11 11:16:01 AM
Email Address: xxxxx@xxxxxx.xxxx
Name: xxxxx xxxxxxxxx
Stakeholder Group: Technical Community
The need to permit or enable political speech by private U.S. citizens, including paid ads, excluding businesses, non-citizens
There is a need to permit political speech (intended to influence and electoral campaigns or ballot issues) by private citizens up to thresholds that require reporting to the FEC or a creation of a campaign or PAC. The response to 2016 foreign influence campaigns or election meddling by Russia, etc. has resulting in restrictions on platforms that are too tight/tighter than US federal election laws and many state laws require. A private US citizen should be able to buy an advertisment - or make a free post - with an appropriate disclaimer without having a campaign committee number. Additionally, platforms should do more to educate users on their opportunities to form campaigns and acquire the appropriate credentials in time to be able to express their personal political ideas before it gets to late in the political cycle to do so. A private citizen, for example, should be able to buy a $10-25 boost or traffic to a personal Youtube vlog that includes an endorsement for a specific vote on a ballot measure or local election, if that isn't prohibited or is left up to individuals and local campaigns to keep track of uncoordinated personal political expenditures or in kind contributions, under law.
Issue Areas: Freedom of Expression, Campaigns and Elections