Panel Subject 2019: Antitrust versus Big Tech

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This page is for coordination among the panel team to openly discuss the topics that will be covered under the subject of the "Antitrust versus Big Tech" The page includes the relevant survey results, Panel Guidelines and a section for the panel team to discuss in the comments.

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Panel Guidelines

Panel teams should use this process to discuss the panel and get as close as possible to consensus on the following items by April 17.

  • Decide on a concrete subject for the panel based upon discussion and rough consensus. The subject and process should take into account:
    • The IGF-USA Principles
    • The working title, working description and related submissions. See Below
  • Assign team leader(s) and a representative to interface with the steering committee and provide ongoing up to date information to the wrangler and secretariat.

Survey Topic

Working Title: If Big is Bad, is Big Tech Even Badder?

Working Description: Tech and Internet companies are getting bigger through natural growth, as well as vertical and horizontal integration. This has the potential to shape the evolution of Internet usage and technologies in a variety of ways. This panel would discuss the costs and benefits of regulation as policy makers and key federal agencies examine whether there is a need for antitrust intervention. Is big tech causing harm to consumers or is the threat of antitrust being used as a political tool?

Related Submissions

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Submission Number Submission Issue Areas
Submission Number Submission Issue Areas
2019 Submission 29 Weighing costs/benefits to regulation, privacy, antitrust, section 230 Competition
2019 Submission 50 1 IoT security

2 Importance of collaboration for rural & remote access 3 Unintended consequences of regulation

4 Impacts of consolidation
2019 Submission 60 Using antitrust laws to punish online platforms for political expression Competition
2019 Submission 64 Application of antitrust law to online platforms Competition
2019 Submission 71 Two areas worth exploring would be international coordination on artificial intelligence and competition policy. Competition